Thank you for agreeing to participate in the work and non-work attitudes study. Below you will find four different types of surveys:

1. The "Personality Survey - Self Assessment" needs only to be completed once.

2. The "Personality Survey - Other Assessment" is to be completed by a significant other-someone who knows you well such as a spouse/partner, family member, or close friend. Again, it only need be completed once. (Please instruct your significant other to use your user name and "other" for password.)

3. The "Daily Work Survey" is to be completed three times each day-at approximately 9:00 AM, 12:00 (noon), and 3:00 PM. If it is not feasible to complete the survey at exactly those times, try to come as close as you can - but you cannot submit answers for a specific survey more than 1 hour early or 1 hour late (for example for the 9 AM survey, the web interface will accept data only between 8 AM and 10 AM). You will receive daily e-mail reminders when it is time to complete the surveys (you will be given the option not to have daily e-mails sent to - if you would like to set up your own reminders - in the final instructions).

4. The "Daily Non-Work Survey" is to be completed once each day-at approximately 7:00 PM.

We greatly appreciate your participation in this important research.

If you have questions, please email Remus at

Tim Judge and Remus Ilies Department of Management University of Florida

Click on the links below to select the surveys that you want to complete:

Daily Work Survey (to be completed at 9:00 AM, 12:00 (noon), and 3:00 PM)

Daily Non-Work Survey (to be completed around 7 PM)

Personality Survey - Self Assessment (to be completed once)

Personality Survey - Other Assessment (to be completed once by a significant other)

To download printable forms for the work and home surveys please go to: Download page