Please follow these steps in completing the surveys:

1. The following surveys you can complete yourself at any time, but definitely before February 15, 2002 (sooner if possible):


2. The Personality Survey - Other Ratings need to becompleted by two significant others (spouse or partner, family member, close friend). Your significant others need to complete the survey before January 30, 2002 (sooner if possible). It should only take your significant other 15 minutes to complete this survey. Instruct your two significant others to complete this survey by logging online at this address (www.studies-online.org/MAN6930/persoth) and having them enter your username as "username1" and "username2" and "other" for password (for example, if you username is "judge", your two significant others should use "judge1" and "judge2" for username, and "other" for password).

3. The Leadership Survey - Other Ratings are to be completed by at least three and as many as six individuals who are in a good position to appraise your leadership style. Typically, these people are individuals with whom you have worked most closely-they can be supervisors, coworkers, or students with whom you have worked on team projects. The key is to choose people who have had a good opportunity to observe you at work. Please remember that the results you obtain are only as good as the people who rate you. Many participants have commented that if they would have known how potentially useful the feedback is, they would have chosen their raters more carefully. So, choose your raters carefully-do not choose on the basis of who you think will rate you favorably, rather choose on the basis of who is in the best position to evaluate you and whose judgment you trust. You will only see these results collectively, so you will not be able to identify your raters individually. Instruct your 3-6 raters complete this survey by logging online at this address (www.studies-online.org/MAN6930/leadoth) and having them enter your username and "other" for password. This survey will only take each rater 10 minutes to complete.

If you have technical questions about the surveys ("I can't log on…"; "I can't submit my survey properly…"; "I forgot my username or password…"; etc.), email Remus Ilies at admin@studies-online.org. If you have questions about the class or the process, email Tim Judge at tjudge@ufl.edu.